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Robert Brace


Dubbed “New York Top Fitness Guru” by the New York Daily News, and “Top Celebrity Trainer” by Bloomberg Businessweek, Robert Brace is a celebrity personal trainer, and former ballet dancer, with over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry. Previously featured on Food Network’s weight-loss reality show “Fat Chef”, Robert helps clients reach their fitness goals, including A-List actors, television and radio personalities, models, and prominent New Yorkers.

As a highly regarded fitness and health expert, Robert is a contributing writer for the Energy Kitchen restaurant chain and appears regularly on FitSugar and eHow. Oringinally from London, Robert has delivered speeches to audiences with over a thousand people, providing insight into fitness and his own training programs.

One such program is the 28 Day Challenge™, which Robert created to provide cleints with dramatic results in record time. the 28-day total body transformation workout DVD and class has produced jaw-dropping results for many media personalities and busy New Yorkers. Robert is also the founder of the award-winning NYlean25™ workout system, an intense 25-minute, fat burning, interval-training workout.

In addition to offering classes, Robert offers body-conditioning programs for dancers and dance schools throughout New York City. He is also a posture educator who works with clients to correct injury and occupation related posture issues.

Robert has been featured on the The View (NBC), PIX 11 News, New Tork Daily News, Bloomberg Businessweek, amNew York, Juicy Magazine, Self Magazine, Teen Vogue, Uptown Magazine, eHow, Essence Online, E-Online, PopSugar, and B.E.T.com. Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in Dance (minors in nutrition, anatomy, injury prevention, program design, and tai chi), and is certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA). Robert has also performed as a soloist dancer for the Mertopolitan Opera Ballet, NY, appearing on PBS, MTV and the BBC.