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The Science

There is proven science behind D28 for Life. RIFFT or Repetition Interval Fierce Form Transformation applies the proven science of a new cutting-edge fusion of interval training, weight training and proprietary body sculpting with proper form, (as Robert calls it Fierce Form), in short bursts of intensive effort interspersed with more moderate stretches — to improve performance. The D28 for Life program also improves cardiovascular fitness and helps the body burn more fat, even low-intensity or moderate workouts.

The science includes:

  • Interval Intelligence –Repeat Interval Training
  • Fierce Form Transformation
  • Muscle Adaptation: S (Specific) A (Adaptation) I (Imposed) D (Demand)
  • Tzumi’s Tabat

Whether you are severely overweight or an Olympian athlete, Robert Brace’s workouts are legendary – they are designed to work continuously on any body type. Your body will never get used to the same routine. Robert has designed these workouts specifically so that you repeat them on a weekly basis and your body will continue to adapt and grow and never plateau.   They are designed to keep you moving and work different muscle groups at different times.

  • Short training cycles constantly challenge your muscles with variety and intensity.
  • D28 for Life maximizes fat burning and muscle sculpting in different ways every day.
  • No plateau effect means each phase of D28 for Life is as effective as the first.